STM Publishing Services

With the best STM tools, automation techniques and domain acquaintance, we at Scholarly Zone deliver the finest STM publishing services. With proficient abilities, we have acquired the reputation of being the ideal partner in large-scale STM publishing marketplaces.

Scholarly zone provides appropriate and efficient Scientfic, Technical and Medical publishing services. We have the right experience and cater to large scale international publishers, overseas universities and research organizations with our precise range of services. Our purpose is to deliver our clients with the right tools and solutions for them to stay ahead and competitive.

Enabling STM Publishers Fulfil their Commitments

The extensive series of STM Publishing solutions provided by us assist our clients in fulfilling their commitments to their clients in turn. Our highly skilled and fluent team of experts and our tools and products will engage every need of the digital publishing industry.

Scholarly Zone is pledged to meeting global benchmarks in STM publishing and employs a wide spectrum of style templates. We further utilize XML-first, component-based HTML5 workflow, modern search-and-replace functions to provide the highest quality solutions. We also facilitate automated scripts to make possible reasonably priced service deliveries and superior solutions to our customers, particularly in the swiftest turnaround time.

Our Suite for STM Services includes:

XML coding and composition using the latest tools in a blend with integrated custom DTD
XML typesetting and workflow in compliance with the guidelines of precise journals
Designing the page layouts, diverse templates, graphics, illustrations as well as line art
Enabling conversions, tagging, formatting, indexing, scanning, OCR and digitization services

The Objective behind our STM Publishing Services

With STM publishing services, our objective is to assist different categories of publishers, universities and academic institutions in increasing the significance of their offline as well as online content.

We are skilled at delivering STM services for a multiplicity of disciplines, which includes Design & Engineering, IT & Technology, Electrical, Electronics & Telecommunications, Mobile, Science, Chemical, Energy, Mechanical, Medical, Healthcare and Pharmaceuticals. We deliver our services in the client’s preferred file format and project style along with perfectly rendered information and data from STM blogs, journals as well as academic-based articles. We employ the most modern technology to format the content and demonstrate it for optimum reading experiences on all possible devices.

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